Website is now open!

Published on August 17, 2018

Today I'm finally publishing my personal website. Now that I think about it, the first website I tried to do might have been in 2011, using a web-based software called Moonfruit. I think the end result was alright considering my age at the time, however never in my life did I enjoy using web-making software. That's why a couple years later I decided to start learning HTML and CSS and built a couple basic websites. Unfortunately, to this day, I still know nothing about programming languages for the web and thus I'm stuck with the absolute basics, and even then I'm not particularly good at it. My domain name went live in 2015 and although I made a basic design I soon realised that it looked awful and outdated, but after redesigning it I generally just forgot about it. Briefly a test page was hosted on it, but eventually I took it down and replaced it with a temporary redirect to my YouTube channel. My goals with that website were to provide small services for cheap such as basic web design and video editing. When the current website design was first conceptualised earlier this year, I decided to abandon that idea because I thought my skill was insufficient and that it's really not something I wanted to do in the long-term. That's why this website currently focuses on one thing in particular, that being game development. Admittedly, it was a pain to do this because I've forgotten most of the stuff I used to know, and even then my skill level was overall poor notwithstanding the lack of practice.

So, what do you think of this website? Send me a quick email letting me know whether you like it and if there's anything I could improve on. Thanks for visiting!