Version 1.1 for Mgea Mna Released!

Published on December 5, 2018

If you've read my previous blog post, I mentioned how I decided to "abandon" support for Mgea Mna VS Dr Weelee and how not only would there no longer be any new updates, but the planned versions for macOS and Linux would be cancelled. The latter, unfortunately, will remain the case. As hard as I've tried getting this game to work on these platforms, the export module in the engine used for Mega Mna is simply too buggy to be usable. I tried my best to make it work, and it simply isn't possible. Despite that, there is in fact a new update that I decided to release! Originally, I assumed that the game was more or less stable enough, and lacked popularity to justify a new update for it, however recently I discovered a couple of pretty serious bugs which I felt couldn't exactly be ignored. For that reason, this update exists, and I feel that it is a mild improvement over the previous version, especially involving a specific post-game element that I won't mention to avoid spoilers.

Here is the changelog:
-Fixed numerous crashing and other more minor bugs involving c**** m***
-Added a "loading" message on the title screen, as well as a couple of new integrity checks
-Fixed the infamous momentum bugs regarding the Transporters in Sanic Man
-Slightly improved the functionality of Flint Stone

Updating the game will not affect your save data, which will remain compatible with old versions of the game. If, for whatever reason, you run into issues with 1.1, the previous version will remain available on this website for download. I have also provided a lightweight upgrade zip, which allows you to update the game over the previous install without redownloading everything. To download, visit the main game page.

Please let me know if there's any issue that you find. Thanks to everyone who played this game. If everything goes well, then I guess that this game's support will be ended for real.