A little something different I've been working on

Published on July 8, 2019

You probably haven't heard much from me over the past couple of months. After the somewhat arduous development of Mgea Mna (as well as other stuff that happened around that time), I ended up taking a break from game development and programming in general to focus a bit more on other stuff in my life. A few months ago, however, I got the idea to develop a sort of interactive public transport map, focusing primarly on the fare cost, basing on numerous different hypothetical fare systems. It exists mainly due to my frustrations with the existing fare system currently implemented where I live, although the only reason that I kept developing it was because of my enjoyment in building it.

Potentially, although without guarantees, I might be able to turn the backend into a highly modular map simulator that could be used with other transport systems, including in any other city or based on roads. I can certainly imagine that this is something that is not of particular interest to the majority of you, although I still want to be able to share my project. You may check it out below, it is a web application so there is no need to download anything. Although, please note that it is designed for use with a mouse; it does not work with a touch screen. Older browsers and weaker computers may also have trouble with it.

Feel free to leave feedback, if you have any! Visit the Projects tab to play.